My 30 Days of Blogging Begins Now!

My 30 Days of Blogging Begins Now!

Write, write, write your blog, gently down the month

Of all the opportunities, I eventually choose a taxi to write my first day’s piece at 10 pm. It’s ironically befitting for the 30 day blogging challenge I’ve taken upon myself. No excuses.

When I finally decided to take my writing to the next level by starting this blog, I purchased the domain and host without hesitation to counter my chronic procrastination. I wasn’t as hasty with developing the blog’s look and primary pages, but after a few months of inconsistent effort I finished those too. Now I have the essential platform to start writing and all that remains is to simply write.

Why the challenge? Well, some time ago I came across an interesting TED Talk, called Try something new for 30 days. In it Matt Cutts explains how he would commit to doing something new every 30 days, whether it was writing a novel, biking to work or putting aside sugar. He reasons that a month is enough to add (or subtract) a habit to your arsenal of habits which are arguably the building blocks of character and success.

That’s where this challenge comes into play. Given the blog’s current infantile stage, I can make the most progress by focusing on writing, without obsessing over the form. I don’t expect to strike gold with every post but I’ll make a habit of blogging which will count more than anything in the long run. The practice will undoubtedly reward me with more than anything I could hope to acquire through mere study of theory.

So here’s to Shahrivar’s 30 days of blogging. I’ll give it my best and hope for the best too. Hearing about your struggle with dedicating yourself to a habit, especially blogging, would be helpful and heartwarming. So if you’re up for it, let’s get a conversation going 🙂

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