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  • This-is-nazanin says:

    Hi there Dear Simplysaeed !
    Well I have also been afraid of heights since I remember . Reading this post, I also wondered what the reason is. The original reason. I can’t remember any terrifying experience in my childhood concerning high places and everything. But I’m pretty sure this fear goes back to my childhood or infantile days. Cause neither of my parents are afraid of heights and I personally believe many of our fears and phobias are rooted in our childhood.
    Anyway I totally understand you and gotta say congratulations! Yeah. Great job for trying to overcome your fears. I myself have never done that ! Even when I went to Water-wave Land in Mashhad, I didn’t dare to try all those water slides. I tried some. Man it was a thrilling experience. Thrilling but scary ! Sometimes I felt like my heart was going to stop beating ! Haha. Actually as I told earlier, I didn’t try all the slides. Like There was this slide called free fall ( soghoute azad ! I wonder if this is right ) which was so scary and all my friends tried it and asked me to do the same. They were all saying things like come on coward ! You’re going to regret it for the rest of your life! Haha. I didn’t do it though and you know what?! I didn’t regret it ! I wasn’t brave enough to take on the challenge I guess !

    All in all I’m so happy for ya. Cause you did it . :)))))))

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