Bungee-jumping: My Frightful Leap of Faith

I’m on the edge. I sense gazes on my back as my friends anticipate my next move. Ahead, there’s nothing but infinite space. I’m on the verge of making a leap of faith – or retreating back to my comfort… Continue Reading →

Why Simply Saeed Is in English

Farsi will have to wait, Simply Saeed is going to be in English … for now As a bilingual, each language provides me with a unique insight and certain capabilities. English suits certain topics best, while others call for Farsi…. Continue Reading →

Done with the About Page, Let’s Get a Move On

Finally Done with the Essentials … Now What? After months of writing and rewriting, I finished the About & Contact page of Simply Saeed. Hurray! Phew, I can’t tell you how much effort I put into it. Well, now it’s… Continue Reading →

What’s Wrong with the Iranian Academic System

Education is critical to growth, no doubt about it. But when its purpose and practicality are lost to prestige, you know the system is faulting. That’s how I see the current Iranian academic education system and the subculture surrounding it…. Continue Reading →

Why Speaking English Is Scary for a Non-native

Me: “Blahblahblah.” [talking in English] Him/her: … [listens attentively in silence] M: “So what do you think?” H: “Ummm…I don’t know.” [shrugs with unease] M: “Did you understand what I said?” H: “Yes, of course!” [annoyed I thought otherwise] M:… Continue Reading →

M for Memories, M for Mother

What better way to review the past than to start with my family? I owe her my existence (or at least half of it) and her birthday is close, so first up is Dr. Asieh Yahyazadeh, my mother. A photo posted… Continue Reading →

Getting Past 30 Days of Blogging

Day #1 of the 30 day blogging challenge was spent with this indistinct voice in my head: PANIC ATTACK! 30 days?! Where am I going to get so much writing material? What was I thinking? After adequate self-reflection and meaningful… Continue Reading →

My 30 Days of Blogging Begins Now!

Write, write, write your blog, gently down the month Of all the opportunities, I eventually choose a taxi to write my first day’s piece at 10 pm. It’s ironically befitting for the 30 day blogging challenge I’ve taken upon myself…. Continue Reading →

The Math behind Your Success in Relation to Others

Recently, one of the best Iranian travellers and hitchhikers I know announced he was going to concentrate on building a site. That’s good news for the community, his numerous followers and probably me too, but deep down I felt anxious…. Continue Reading →

Wild, Hiking Across Your Mind Alone

Whenever I want to talk about a movie, I’m extra cautious regarding what and how much I say because I can think of a couple of really good movies that were spoiled before I had a chance to see them. So… Continue Reading →

Building My Site, Then & Now

There was a time when I knew a little HTML, some English and unspeakable joy from combining the two to display the simplest things on a webpage. At the time, the marquee tab with its ability to slide text from… Continue Reading →

When Will I Be Ready?

I often pause before taking action to ask myself if I’m ready or not. It doesn’t matter whether I’m writing something, posting a picture online or talking about a topic in public; the doubt is almost always there. Indeed most… Continue Reading →

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