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Bungee-jumping: My Frightful Leap of Faith

I’m on the edge. I sense gazes on my back as my friends anticipate my next move. Ahead, there’s nothing but infinite space. I’m on the verge of making a leap of faith – or retreating back to my comfort… Continue Reading →

Why Speaking English Is Scary for a Non-native

Me: “Blahblahblah.” [talking in English] Him/her: … [listens attentively in silence] M: “So what do you think?” H: “Ummm…I don’t know.” [shrugs with unease] M: “Did you understand what I said?” H: “Yes, of course!” [annoyed I thought otherwise] M:… Continue Reading →

My 30 Days of Blogging Begins Now!

Write, write, write your blog, gently down the month Of all the opportunities, I eventually choose a taxi to write my first day’s piece at 10 pm. It’s ironically befitting for the 30 day blogging challenge I’ve taken upon myself…. Continue Reading →

The Math behind Your Success in Relation to Others

Recently, one of the best Iranian travellers and hitchhikers I know announced he was going to concentrate on building a site. That’s good news for the community, his numerous followers and probably me too, but deep down I felt anxious…. Continue Reading →

Wild, Hiking Across Your Mind Alone

Whenever I want to talk about a movie, I’m extra cautious regarding what and how much I say because I can think of a couple of really good movies that were spoiled before I had a chance to see them. So… Continue Reading →

When Will I Be Ready?

I often pause before taking action to ask myself if I’m ready or not. It doesn’t matter whether I’m writing something, posting a picture online or talking about a topic in public; the doubt is almost always there. Indeed most… Continue Reading →

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