Finally Done with the Essentials … Now What?

After months of writing and rewriting, I finished the About & Contact page of Simply Saeed. Hurray! Phew, I can’t tell you how much effort I put into it. Well, now it’s done. What do you think? Was it worth it?

I think it was. Why? Because I learned.

Now honestly … what DID I learn?

On the bright side, the I’m happy with the end result. I don’t dare look at the static pages again because I worry I’d want to nitpick words and move things around “just a bit more”. But I know they serve every purpose do the job.

I also learned that I mustn’t write and edit at the same time. Those two are different processes and if they intervene you’re going to come to a stop.


That’s one of the things that bugs me. Seriously. I’m doing it right now! What exactly am I doing?

I’m thinking and questioning at the same time. I’m thinking about writing instead of actually writing. There are plenty of things to distract me. Punctuation, grammar, proper usage of vocabulary, fluency, etc. The list never ends, unless YOU end it. Flow doesn’t come easily.

What is FLOW?

Have you ever been so involved in doing something that you don’t feel like you’re exerting an effort? Like using your native language. For instance, having an enjoyable conversation with someone when you feel a connection. How enjoyable would it be if instead, it was a language you had just begun learning? Flow & fluency, they’re basically cousins.

My example would be writing. But not when I read my own writing; that makes me feel like a damn teacher and editor. When I’m writing it and I feel like those words are just flowing out of me. That’s the kind of writing I love. It draws you in and spits you out at the same time.

But getting into the flow of something isn’t easy. It needs concentration. You don’t get that in an environment full of noise. It comes down to what you consider noise. Is the repeating sound of rain on the roof to my left noise? It hasn’t stopped me all night long, so no. Can a pack of wild dogs break my flow? They probably could if I was camping and I heard them outside. Like the time we camped in the woods at Kaleybar. Do you remember that?

At the Feet of Babak’s Castle

It was on the Azarbaijan trip. The last 3 UNESCO sites remaining on my quest to see all. Early Mordad, Nima Shahbazi’s birthday. On the first night we slept on a beach in Guilan under the moonlight. We saw Ardabil on the second day and arrived at Kaleybar in time to camp. We climbed to gaze at Babak’s Castle on the third and bumped into Soro and Elnaz. We all knew each other from afar, so we decided to celebrate the communion by camping one more night. The woods were different that night. Read more later…

I remember parts of it. I remember travelling. I remember constantly smiling. I was healthier then than I am now. Years before that … my first solo road trip to the desert with Rohab. Wow! I have a history behind me. Great. How am I going to use it?

What about my future?

In the future I want to:

  • be healthier than I am now. That means smoking less and exercising more. Regular check-ups and a proper diet.
  • write freely. That means free of the restrictions of location AND free of the inner critic.
  • start seeing more of the world outside of Iran. My past also says I’ve seen tons here, so revisiting them isn’t a priority. Unless I feel the urge to go somewhere specific and it’s in a tour itinerary, I’ll concentrate on abroad Iran.
  • make money doing what I’m good at and enjoy. How about travelling and writing?

What about now?

To get to that future I must:

    • make money by doing what I’m good at and WILL DO. You need discipline to keep working towards your success, even when you lose sight of it.
    • assess how much money I need for the lifestyle I envision. Stop living like a hermit. Don’t save thoughtlessly, spend wisely. A good purchase can actually save you from unnecessary expenses in the future.
    • study to learn, not just to pass an exam. Keep the pace up but don’t forget: YOU enrolled in this course. You chose it with free will. That was because you believe the knowledge will set you up for better opportunities.
    • Practice saying “NO”. You have to break some patterns for better ones to take over. NO to cigarettes (at least resist, will ya?!). NO to accepting every single request. Respect your time, have some standards, value your energy. NO to people and experiences that I KNOW will irritate me. NO to chronic procrastination that stems from “it has to be perfect”.
    • Develop a sense of urgency. I don’t have forever. I’m mortal. I’ll die one day and what I did will count. Will it really? Because no one’s going to remember you for the hours of mindless clip-hopping on Instagram’s Explore tab (believe me, it’s better that way)! It’s the stuff that you measure your life by. Think about that. What are your values?
    • And most importantly, DO. In your case, Simply Saeed, that means to blog. That’s a two-step process: write & publish. I’d say three steps – with edit in between – but I worry you’ll take it so seriously, you’ll never get to the last step!

Let’s begin by publishing this one … it’s OK, it’s not like anyone will read this in a year  :-D

I don’ t know whether to feel sorry for someone who reads through my messy mind … or send them kisses from Rasht! As I’ve mentioned in About, my diary will involve a mix of my inner conversations and life goals. I still haven’t got down to choosing a style, but I’m up for experimenting and figuring it out as I blog. If you read this, leave me a comment. Hello? Anybody?