I created this travelogue to show a glimpse of what I experienced when I decided to travel and stay in the city of Khur, in the Central Desert of Iran, for a total of 17 days.

I underwent this pilgrimage alone seeking to get away from everything that bound me to a certain lifestyle. I took a better look at my life and what I had accepted as my beliefs and contemplated the deeper questions that had plagued me for a lengthily time.

It helped me clear my mind and realise much about life and how it should be lived for it to be worthy. I am now closer to letting go of life at the moment of death, knowing that I have fulfilled another part of my dreams and felt the flow of life throughout my entire existence. Hopefully the knowledge I gained from this time will stay with me in all my moments and I will also be able to pass it on to others to improve their lives, the way mine was bettered.

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