I created this travelogue to show a glimpse of what I experienced when I decided to travel and stay in the city of Khur, in the Central Desert of Iran, for a total of 17 days.

I underwent this pilgrimage alone seeking to get away from everything that bound me to a certain lifestyle. I took a better look at my life and what I had accepted as my beliefs and contemplated the deeper questions that had plagued me for a lengthily time.

It helped me clear my mind and realise much about life and how it should be lived for it to be worthy. I am now closer to letting go of life at the moment of death, knowing that I have fulfilled another part of my dreams and felt the flow of life throughout my entire existence. Hopefully the knowledge I gained from this time will stay with me in all my moments and I will also be able to pass it on to others to improve their lives, the way mine was bettered.

Sunrise in Kooreh Gaz

Discovering Khur

I came across the small city of Khur and the Kavir Guesthouse quite serendipitously. AIESEC was in need of a suitable venue for a conference and my old friend, Roozbeh, was in charge. He had come across some guy in… Continue Reading →

Photographer: Amir Naderi

Run Til Yer Done

Maybe that was what this whole trip was about! I was tired of struggling with everyday life and yet I didn’t feel the strength in me to overpower it. So I took some time off from everything. I switched off… Continue Reading →

Photographer: Me

Rooftop of the Kavir Guesthouse

I spent a lot of the time I had in the Guesthouse here, especially when alone. I witnessed a night of shooting stars sleeping here. I saw the sun rise and shed light on all the beauty that lay in… Continue Reading →

Life and Liveliness in the Desert

I didn’t know what was in store for me when I decided to go to the desert. I imagined it would be a still place where I could find the peace to converse with myself. When I got there, I… Continue Reading →

Wearing Down What I Was Wearing

What became of my trousers and boots after spending some time in the “real” nature … yep, it can get as harsh as you want it to be! I lost the trousers to an unexpected dive in the canal. The… Continue Reading →

Fruitful Remains

The city of Khur and its surrounding villages were once full of palm trees of all sorts, making them look like dense jungles instead of the dry desert. But in 2007 (I think), the desert was covered with snow! The… Continue Reading →

Kalateh-e Talkh, Coming Soon …

Kalateh Talkh, which is the equivalent of “sour (water) oasis”, is located on the outskirts of Khur. It’s basically a farm with rooms, water storage chamber and plants in the field. The name is derived from the taste of the… Continue Reading →

Gathering the herd at sunset in Sowoor

At the foot of the mountains, lies a small residence the shepherds use. They take the goats out into the desert to feed and bring them back by sunset to keep them safe from the jackals and wolves. They use… Continue Reading →

Aroosan Village

A village with only 3 residing families! The wonder of seeing fruitful trees, luscious greens and delightful hardworking elderly people in the middle of all that featureless yellow land! As my dad always says, I think it’s the scarcity of… Continue Reading →

The Colorful Salt Canals

This is definitely one of my favorite spots around Khur. You drive for more than half an hour towards Tabas from Khur and suddenly pull over; the only sign that you’re there is a small room. You leave the car… Continue Reading →

Floating Free

The beauty of the salt canals and the joyous peace they offer in one shot. No effort on my side! Related

Witnessing the sunset from atop a mountain near the Kalateh-e Talkh

The climb took a petty amount of time but the reward of seeing such colorful beauty was overwhelming. It was these moments that its great to be in shape and capable of accessing the hardest of spots, for those are… Continue Reading →

Sunrise in Kooreh Gaz

Kooreh Gaz is a small place within an hour’s drive (or a bit more depending on the car) of Khur. It has some pieces of land filled with fruit trees and flowers, a couple of buildings and facilities (not electricity,… Continue Reading →

The beating heart of all desert off-road adventures

This Blazer is the highlight of any form of mechanical transport you may experience in the desert. Forget its nostalgic appearance and its barely-working brakes! It’ll give you the ride of your life, especially if you’re brave enough to sit… Continue Reading →

Golden Meadow

We’re surrounded by colors, textures, and shapes of all sorts. Yet we allow our senses to get used to them and we gradually grow numb to things that could give us heartwarming sensations in the glance of an eye. Open… Continue Reading →

The Life of a Pomegranate

Strangely enough, I saw more fruits on trees there in the desert then I did in the rest of my trip. Pomegranates, tomatoes, figs, pumpkins, pears, sunflowers, and dates were the ones I saw and haven’t forgotten to mention! Related

Capturing the Moment

The interesting thing is that as much as I hate repeating some things, I can never get enough of others. I’m sure I could never get tired of a magnificent sunset or a majestic sunrise. I’ll always be amused by… Continue Reading →

Salt Lake Central

The salt lake is one of the largest (if not the largest) seasonal lakes. That means when it rains it turns into a gigantic flat mirror and later on, when the rainwater sinks down into the ground, the surface is… Continue Reading →

King of the Desert, Rohab the Great

If it wasn’t for the way he treated me and my friends the first time I was there, I would have smiled at the thought of spending some serious time in the desert and moved on. But his understanding of… Continue Reading →

Bayyazeh Castle with the Crazy Crew

I don’t care much for history but this place is old, seriously! I’d tell you more but I could barely make out anything the old mulla/guide said! It’s quite strange how you can grow to like some people in such… Continue Reading →

Rooftop Dinner with Lantern Lights

Pedro and Josep, from Portugal and Spain respectively, came to the Guesthouse when everyone else had left. They were at first disappointed to see it was a small city instead of the isolated village they were expecting. But after making… Continue Reading →

Desert Indian

Craziness never comes to a stop in the desert, especially when you have proactive people such as myself and Abed! I took up the appearance of a stereotypical Indian just for some laughs. No offense to our “real” Indian friends… Continue Reading →

A Brother, High as the Roof

Abed seemed the wackiest of them all when I first saw him and I came to realize later on that I wasn’t too mistaken! In the time I spent there and the one night I was his guest in Isfahan,… Continue Reading →

Tarzan of the Desert

When it comes to being one with nature, Amir is the real life example. One of the most fearless people when it comes to animals, whether it’s a snake, owl, dog, scorpion, lizard or anything else. He is a master… Continue Reading →

Embodiment of Energy and Excitement

Josep was the first person chronologically that influenced me. A 63 year old Spanish Mechanical Engineer who had decided to retire 5 years earlier to travel the world. When I asked him of his plans for future trips, he talked… Continue Reading →

Queen of the Court, Mi’Lady Marziyeh

Truthfully I was scared of her the most. Knowing she was Amir Naderi’s fiance and seeing her tired and grumpy after a long drive, first impressions weren’t going too well. Later on when she started a movement of “Clean ’em… Continue Reading →

An amazing human walks the Earth

Alex the Irishman was definitely one of the people whose lifestyle taught me a big lesson about mine. Even though he was visually less able than most of us, he traveled around the globe to experience the wonders of the… Continue Reading →

Swimming Upstream

Without any doubt, one of the best couples I’ve crossed paths with! I met Andrew and Caroline in the very last days I was there but I liked them there and then on the spot. It was nice to hear… Continue Reading →

Cherishing Newly Found Friends

The first time I saw Anton, I thought he was a cocky arrogant American! But he turned out to be a spontaneous Dutch Medicine student who read surgery books in his meantime! And I loved that “Man Bites Dog” concept… Continue Reading →

JC, Model of the Desert

As crappy as my camera might be, I have a good eye to make up for it. I think I owe it to my Mashhad descent which have given me mastery over “visual pervertism”! But I’m using my superpowers for… Continue Reading →

Healing the Artist’s Soul

It was our mutual love for the night that kept us both awake and sparked a conversation between us whilst the others were asleep. The night allows you to take off your masks and talk from your heart without fear… Continue Reading →

Friendship Prevails

When I first arrived in the desert, I had only met Rohab once and was a outsider in a group of close friends. I was initially worried about how I was going to fit in or simply be accepted. But… Continue Reading →

Men’s Synchronized Swimming

What man doesn’t need a break from the Moulin Rouge and dancing can-can all day long? So, what better way to put one’s feet up than do it literally?! Related

Singing on the Salt Lake

Fun times, yelling out Mohsen Namjoo’s “Toranj” til the point where our foreign friends grew to like the song and I gave it to them later on! گفتا من آن ترنجم کاندر جهان نگنجم گفتم به از ترنجی لیکن به… Continue Reading →

Slaughter in the Sand

Everyone who came to the dunes that day will know what’s going on here! It all started when Naghme decided to play a little prank on Abed and pour some sand into his trousers. That was the spark we needed… Continue Reading →

Soaring Silhouettes

It may be a typical picture, but we went to great lengths to capture a decent one after the sun set. Even if we hadn’t, we’d still have had tons of fun and monkey business! Related

Chilling on the Dunes

Spending some time there really helps you remember that it doesn’t take much to have a fun time. We did it with lots of sand and some cool people! P. S. Rolling down these slopes gives you dizziness worthy of… Continue Reading →

Exposed to Nature

OK, I’m going to be very truthful on this matter. I had the chance to enjoy the salt canals, mountains and desert bare as the day I was born!(just these three cases, not counting the shower!) Even though there was… Continue Reading →

Rolling Down the Dunes

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” Robin Williams What is a life without adventure, excitement and madness? Not worth living in my view! Besides they always likened time to the sand, slipping through our… Continue Reading →

The Much-disputed, Shiloh

Amir brought this puppy from Tehran to Esfahan with him and I drove her, along with the rest of my friends, back to Khur. She is going to be the star of the Guesthouse animals one day and she’s off… Continue Reading →

The Rebellious Owl, JuJu

The only remaining chick from among 6 siblings. The local farmers shot the other five, believing that they were “bad luck”! This young one was the sole survivor who got away and was taken in by the Kavir Guesthouse. Even… Continue Reading →

Clash of the Baby Titans

Both of them were just kids and they knew nothing of each other. So instead of a vicious fight, their interactions seemed mostly based on curiosity and wonder. They went nose to beak and yet the only aggression was to… Continue Reading →

The Magnificent Praying Mantis

I’ve always hated bugs since some asshole threw a dead dragonfly down my shirt when I was 12. So you can imagine how freaked out I was when I felt a tingling on my back when I was sitting in… Continue Reading →

Crazy Gecko

Now this little dude, I had no problem with but I wasn’t sure my friend who was sleeping beside me had the same feelings. So I did him a favor and grabbed the gecko off of his blanket without waking… Continue Reading →

The sun sets upon my journey

I went on my trip and lived it, loved it and ended it just like I spent it. I left one late night after all signs of randomness pointed me out (tossing coins, counting numbers, drawing odds, etc.). I left… Continue Reading →