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No need for a gallery just yet! We’ll add that in to the travelogues and on the map. Until I start making collections of pictures, it’s too random. Tagging could come in handy here; as well as hashtags.

“Travel, Learn & Live in Iran” is an alternative tagline. It’s more affirmative and people who comply will stick around for me to tell them how. Is that what I’m giving? The knowledge to travel, learn and live in Iran? I do all of those and I’m having fun. I’m not saying my way is the only way, but it’s one of the ways and it works. That’s enough for me to want to share. But is this how I want to tell it to someone who doesn’t yet know me?

Am I even talking to total strangers? A lot of the people who visit this place, at least initially will be people who have already met me. They could be clients (students, tourists, etc.); friends and acquaintances; and people who I’ve been referred to. I want these people to know me, so I should value first impressions. But at the same time, I don’t want to be pretentious and shallow, so I’ll want them to read on to get a more accurate picture.

I do it because …

It’s the story of my life. All the things I’ve learned and know how to teach; all the places I’ve been to and can give people a glimpse and nudge to see; all I’m involved in that pushes me to be a better version of me.

A better version of me…shucks! That’s hard to figure. I don’t even know what that is lots of the time. So I ponder and I wander.

Lost in Iran

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What Am I Up to Right Now?

Tour Leader

English Teacher

Inquisitive Iranian

As a dude who is totally fine keeping the silence and prefers to do things as best as he can, it’s tough sharing.

Before I explain why, take a quick look at my life. I think you’ll agree it’s no typical timeline. At heart I’m a humble introvert who’s fine keeping his silence.



So the reader is supposed to know what Simply Saeed is, what it does and why it does it.

The first paragraph addresses WHAT it is. It’s a personal website. What does it do? Share stories, tips and insights as a tour guide, English teacher and inquisitive Iran. You say what it’ll share and you say what you do, but you don’t say what it’ll share about. Well, I kinda do becuase I said “insights AS a tour guide…”. That means the content will be a reflection of my career, job and personality. I then go on to introduce myself and show my face. That’s a solid intro.

What next?

The reader wants to know what he’ll get from it specifically. How they can benefit from going through this site. Specificity. Travel, Learning & Life.

After they know what they can get out of reading, they’ll want to know why they should pick me. After all, I’m not the only one out there who can offer such content. But I do have some advantages and that’s what I should present. My advantages over other sources: I’m neutral, a perfectionist and believe in firsthand experiences.

I could also state that I’m skilled. I’ve received training for what I do. I’ve done it before. People have been happy with my services. I’m the right guy for the job. I’ always looking to improve myself.

It’s also important they learn to pronounce my name correctly. Saeed like in sand indeed minus -nd ind-

Life hacks. keep that in mind. a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

Alright, now which comes first? What I can do for them or why I’m the right guy for the job? What is the job? What I said in the intro: stories, tips and insights into travel, learning and life in Iran. Is that adequate? Probably not. I have to explain. But do I have to explain what I do before how I do it?

Golden Circle. From in to out: who, why, how, what. Who is Saeed? Why does he do what he does? How does he do it? What does he do?

Who is Saeed? My life’s story (a quick summary & link to timeline)/ always looking to improve myself

Why does he do what he does? Firstly for myself=I love writing, I love good stories, It helps me learn/For other people=create everlasting and insightful experiences for me and those around me,

I could turn the WHY part into a table with two columns: my perspective and your perspective. It’s a WIN-WIN situation. The reasons I do something are different, but the benefits work to both my favour and the receiving side. WHY I DO STH/WHAT YOU CAN GAIN FROM IT

How does he do it: authentic, writing, perfectionist, hand-on.

What does he do: share stories, tips and insights about travel, learning and life in Iran.

The picture of “immature, lazy, …” goes so well with the title: why trust a guy with that t-shirt! It’s a shame to scrap it. It can be moved to after the who and why. Why? I could say the WHY after the picture with the title. think about it.

Link to the timeline and testimonials. There are too many to put on the About page.

What am I up to now? –> What I do. Because it’s the most dynamic matter. What I do today isn’t necessarily what I’ll be doing tomorrow. The rest stay more or less the same: who, why and how.

So I just read on that:

Who doesn’t mean who I am, but who I serve. It’s my niche, my target market, the kind of customers I’m providing services to. In other words, who’s in and who’s out. People who should read on and those who should just leave. Like I said before, people want to know what’s in it for them to stick around. There should be a clear guideline that tells people whether this site is for them.

Should you keep reading? What’s in it for me if I keep reading? Doesn’t the table do that? If I change what you can gain to WHO CAN GAIN then it probably will. Not all people can gain, so single them out.

Why wouldn’t I? I love a good story as much as the next person and this one’s mine. I’ve had an interesting journey so far that’s revolved around diversity. At a closer inspection, I can break it down into the dominant themes of travel, learning and personal development. Look for yourself:

Use multipotentialite in the HOW section.

Clarity of WHY: The reason I exist. A purpose, cause or belief.

Discipline of HOW: things I do that make me special and set me apart from my peers

Consistency of WHAT: job title, function, products & services





What’s in it for me? –> my WHY + WHO can benefit from it (potential readers & clients)

Why trust a guy with that T-shirt? –> Discipline of HOW

What am I up to these days? –> WORK: job title, function, products/services = consistency of WHAT


What gives me the right? As Imam Ali says, right is to be taken, not given. I claim it.


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