This is Saeed’s timeline. You’ll see what happened when in my life. That should give you a rough idea of my backstory.

Before that, however, I must admit: I rarely review the past and I’m bad with dates! But I’m here to change that, so bear with me. Fortunately, I’ve been writing diaries from an early age, so it’s only a matter of time before I retrace my past.

Now, here’s my story so far:


June 15, 1989

The first son of a young student couple. My mother is from Guilan and my father from Mashhad. I was born in Rasht, Iran.

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Moved to Manchester, UK

August 25, 1994

After the revolution in Iran, the country was short on professors, researchers and teachers. So they started financially supporting top students such as my parents to study abroad and return to honour their debt to Iran’s academia. Before I knew it, my family is off to England, an unknown land where they…

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Returned to Iran

July 30, 1999

after my parents’ graduation, we were ready to move back to Iran. Saying goodbye to my friends and school wasn’t easy, but I was ready to see the Iran I didn’t recall too well.

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Admitted to NODET, Mirza Kuchak Khan High School

July 1, 2003

NODET is short for National Organization of Development of Exceptional Talents. That’s just a fancy way of saying I was recognized as being smart through a meticulous screening exam. It was a big deal, especially since I had spent most of the school year fooling around. But I got my…

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Admitted to UT & moved to Tehran

July 30, 2007

No one was expecting me to rank in so well in the National University Entrance Exam (Konkoor as we call it). But I did and it secured me a seat in University of Tehran’s Electrical Engineering program. The so-said toughest bachelor’s in the country’s oldest and most prestigious university. That…

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Became a licensed tour guide

May 14, 2015

Travel was in my blood. My father has it too and through our countless family trips all around Iran and abroad, I grew to love it. I would travel on and off and join hands with my friends to make it even more awesome. After my 21 day solo trip…

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Became a certified English teacher

June 20, 2015

By Iranian and international standards, my English was exceptional and people knew that. They would come to me with their questions as far back as elementary school and I’d never turn them down. After graduating, I thought it’d be madness not to pursue it more seriously. So I took a…

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