Are you curious about why I’m writing this weblog? Well, so am I! This is my first post, so I might as well make things clear for myself and any curious readers.

Writing has always been fun and helpful for me. Whenever life gets hectic and I have too much on my mind, I try to find the time to transcribe my thoughts. I’ve realized getting the chaos out of my head and on to paper allows me to view it more objectively till I see the order in it. So, I guess the first reason behind this weblog could be my commitment to a healthy activity that’s never disappointed.

What happens when I keep writing? Insight. Often I’ve found comfort in knowing that I’m not alone in my struggles and at times, their solutions have inspired a change of approach. I can’t always be on the receiving end; after all, I’ve had my fair share of personal developments and I’m happy to share the. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be helpful to someone like me.

No honest rant is complete without exposing the selfish intentions. At risk of sounding cocky, I dare say I have a unique interpretation of how the world is. Actually, I think everyone does, but only a few are verbal about it. My life story has put me in interesting situations and I love telling a good story. I’m not the best (yet), but my narratives have their own fans. So, why not see if there are more?

Writing brings down my mental barriers and behind them all lies the ultimate reason: fear, or rather, overcoming fear. I’m an introvert by nature and attention overload is quite scary, especially when I’m opening up a window to my soul for anyone to see. In my world, growth requires facing my fears, so I hope that explains why I need to do this for myself more than anything else.

I intend to look past the haters, learn from effective criticism and prove to myself that I should stop taking things so seriously. I mean, it is just MY blog. How could I go wrong by being Simply Saeed?