The Magnificent Praying Mantis

I’ve always hated bugs since some asshole threw a dead dragonfly down my shirt when I was 12. So you can imagine how freaked out I was when I felt a tingling on my back when I was sitting in my shorts at night time in Kooreh Gaz. I looked down to see the frightfully large eyes of this fella while he was making his way up my back. I jumped to brush him off and after I did, I realized this was the “thing” that was mysteriously large and had crawled across my foot when I wasn’t capable of seeing it in the dark.

I figured I had been exposed to him enough, so I reached out a hand of friendship and let him hurry along my hands. I put him in a bag later on to take him back home with me and later on, found another of his friends who went beside him to keep him company.

When I woke up in the morning, I saw that one of them had escaped and this one was the only one loyal enough to stay and take a picture with me. I rewarded him with freedom after this picture.


Lucky Mantis & Unlucky Grasshopper

Imagine this bug creeping up your back while you’re sitting mostly naked and having your roast chicken by the fire! Now you can try to sympathise with me.

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