Abed seemed the wackiest of them all when I first saw him and I came to realize later on that I wasn’t too mistaken! In the time I spent there and the one night I was his guest in Isfahan, he showed me and everyone else a great time with his crazy deeds, interesting memories of traveling and his “equipment”! He felt like a brother who would be mywing-man when it came to madness and help me push my limits.

I remember one night when we were all feeling quite good, he sat on a small glass table to continue what he was saying. In a blink of an eye, I heard a breaking noise and turned to see his hand and legs sticking out of the wooden frame while his torso was jammed in. I will never forget the amazement in his eyes when he glanced at all of us in that position and asked “does this mean there’s glass in my ass?”. Even though it was very insensitive and thoughtless of us, but we couldn’t help running around the room, laughing like crazy people and falling to the ground to roll around in tears. To make things even more comic, the inspection of his injured parts was an unforgettable seen too! Then when he was finally able to walk a couple of minutes later, he stepped out to get something, only to trample the dog sleeping outside in the dark and make her shriek for help! =))

The whole process of washing clothes and a certain someone was a ton of laughter too. Not to mention all the crazy conversations we had which were actually quite deep. He’s been around and can tell you stories that will keep you listening for hours. Not to mention he’s an expert at building cities, upgrading them and winning points in Othello!

Not a day goes by that I don’t miss our crazy duo. Love you dude!