Cherishing Newly Found Friends

The first time I saw Anton, I thought he was a cocky arrogant American! But he turned out to be a spontaneous Dutch Medicine student who read surgery books in his meantime! And I loved that “Man Bites Dog” concept and T-shirt  😀

Thomas was a fun French friend who I had long talks with. I liked the way he thought outside the box and challenged “the norms”, especially when it came down to politics and independence. Even though I started out by acting as a translator between him and Marzieh, I ditched the job and continued with a different course of conversation that I must say, enjoyed immensely!

There’s nothing else worth mentioning here, except that I saved the other guys life from suffocating & choking with a simple Heimlich maneuver! I never would have thought I’d be the real-time lifesaver when I was learning that one … or even when I was applying it!

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