This is definitely one of my favorite spots around Khur. You drive for more than half an hour towards Tabas from Khur and suddenly pull over; the only sign that you’re there is a small room. You leave the car by the road and walk through the clumps of dry mud away from the car and suddenly, you’re met with this amazing sight!

The water is a breathtaking blue, enabling you to see everything in it with clarity. It has so much salt in it that the salt banks progress towards each other from both sides. Even when you’re in the water, crystals will start forming on your skin and you can imagine what will become of you if you come out and don’t pour some normal water on yourself. But the reason I love this place:

You’re always floating! Because of the special composition of the water, the water is denser than your body and you’ll stay on top. I tried pushing myself under water, only to be tossed out like an empty bottle!

I got in to the water with my camera and took this from a parallel view to the water. I endangered my camera to take this picture, so you best appreciate it!