Exposed to Nature

OK, I’m going to be very truthful on this matter. I had the chance to enjoy the salt canals, mountains and desert bare as the day I was born!(just these three cases, not counting the shower!)

Even though there was no one even remotely visible around, I was nervous to do it at first because I had never been without clothes anywhere in the open. I shyly undressed and stood in the heart of nature just as my ancestors would.

I’ll admit that it felt exhilarating! To see nothing of man-made structures, hear nothing but the wind and your own heartbeat, and to have nothing separating you from Mother Nature. I sensed much more unity with the Earth, as if it had embraced me after I had shed what was creating a barrier between us. I think if more of us felt this way more often, we’d be more respectful towards our habitat and cooperate with it, instead of mutilating it.

P. S. This is the first time I went to the salt canals and the only time I went alone or after dark. It’s also when I ripped my trousers trying to jump from one side to the other, unaware that the layer was too thin and it would break away the exact moment I was about to jump. Fortunately, I managed to keep the camera above my head and safe!

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