Discovering Khur

I came across the small city of Khur and the Kavir Guesthouse quite serendipitously. AIESEC was in need of a suitable venue for a conference and my old friend, Roozbeh, was in charge. He had come across some guy in the desert in his searches and he wanted to check it out. I was reluctant to go on such a long trip, but luckily Roozbeh eventually persuaded me. We didn’t get to see anything special on our half-day stay in Khur, except for the peace and tranquillity. That was enough to make me think.

I needed a break from normal life and the desert seemed like the perfect spot for a retreat. I packed my stuff and headed to Rohab Moghimi’s Kavir Guesthouse in Khur. I spent a total of 17 days there; 21 if I count the 4 days we went to visit Naein & Isfahan in between. I visited lots of the amazing sights in the region.

Even though my first solo road trip took me across 4000 km, the best part was definitely my time in Khur. It was the core reason I decided to overcome my fear of travelling alone and get out there on the road. After that, I don’t feel uncomfortable riding down roads for hours all by myself. In fact, I like it. 

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