Friendship Prevails

When I first arrived in the desert, I had only met Rohab once and was a outsider in a group of close friends. I was initially worried about how I was going to fit in or simply be accepted. But I knew I was there to be with myself more than anyone else and I stuck to my goal and decided to be whoever I want to be. I soon found myself among the others, even though I was being a much more free and careless version of myself. Be yourself and anyone who likes what they see will befriend you; but to change yourself to become someone everyone will like will leave you a popular hollow personality!

I also saw people come and go and came to understand that friendship overcomes all barriers of language, culture and age. Reach out a hand of friendliness and you’ll see you can enjoy your time with pretty much anyone. I know I did and I miss everyone in this picture and the other ones in this album.

P. S. Never underestimate the facilitating powers of fun, laughter, dancing, a**o**l, w**d and good food. They do wonders!  😉

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