Fruitful Remains

The city of Khur and its surrounding villages were once full of palm trees of all sorts, making them look like dense jungles instead of the dry desert. But in 2007 (I think), the desert was covered with snow! The palms weren’t fit for that kind of cold climate, so they withered and became lifeless. Or so it seemed!

Even though most of them, especially the tall ones, were broken in half from the cold, they were still alive. After the snow melted away, they started coming back to life in the form of green buds.

Unfortunately, the officials were blind towards these new signs of life and ordered the lifeless bulldozers to unearth the trees and take them to the outskirts of the town to be burned! The people tried to fight them off but eventually, the machine prevailed. If you go to the borders of the city, you will see the burned trunks of thousands of palms.

On the bright side though, some were able to protect their trees and you can still see palms here and there in Khur. Not to mention that they can be found in practically all the other villages around the city.

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