Amir brought this puppy from Tehran to Esfahan with him and I drove her, along with the rest of my friends, back to Khur. She is going to be the star of the Guesthouse animals one day and she’s off to a good start! Even though she was only 50 days old, she had caught the attention and affection of everyone there.

There was much debate about what she was to be named. But in the end, “Sahra” lost to “Shiloh” (read Shaay-lo), meaning “peaceful one”. She was far from it!

One night she snuck into one of the rooms by squeezing herself through from under the door. She decided to go and make herself comfortable between one of the couples staying there. When our friend woke up to a big pair of eyes and a black face in the dark of the night, he jumped from bed screaming. That set off a chain reaction which led to everyone in the room waking up one by one, yelling without even knowing what was going on. After the panic attack was over, we found out they all had their own notions of what was going on: seeing Jens, a murder happening, a rapist attack and the start of a war! But the poor thing didn’t get the last laugh as she was just as scared as the people and was kept well out of the rooms from then on!