The Rebellious Owl, JuJu

The only remaining chick from among 6 siblings. The local farmers shot the other five, believing that they were “bad luck”! This young one was the sole survivor who got away and was taken in by the Kavir Guesthouse.

Even though it is caged part of the time and is given food by its new family, it retains its wild nature. She/he will not tolerate any kind of petting and will only sit on your hand so long as it can find a reachable ledge that it can fly to. Moving your finger back and forth in front of it will allow you to see its remarkable pupil dilation and contraction. But you have to keep your distance because it harmlessly pecks at anything that gets too close; given its poor sight at close ranges, it probably mistakes it for food.

To kill living creatures, babies to be more accurate, just because you believe they will bring you bad luck is just as mindless as … well, for the sake of the believers, many things! And still I must try my best not to get angry at all the stupid superstition and idiotic beliefs present among humans of the 21st century.


You talkin’ to me punk?!

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