Rooftop of the Kavir Guesthouse

I spent a lot of the time I had in the Guesthouse here, especially when alone.

I witnessed a night of shooting stars sleeping here. I saw the sun rise and shed light on all the beauty that lay in the land. I enjoyed a very deep and strange conversation with Abed and Rohab one special night. I spent some time chatting and discussing matters with friends. I was lucky enough to be present when a local came around for a nighttime gathering with Rohab and his family and came to love his passionate recitation of his own poems, the delightful memories he recalled and his special “57” cigarettes.
Usually this was were I went to sleep under the stars and moonlight and rose to the warmth of the sunlight. But most importantly, it was where I went to duel my mind and contemplate the questions present in my life. I would sit for hours in the sunlight, under the pure blue sky and pour out my mind onto paper. I came across some very interesting discoveries about life and myself in this “holiest of holy” places.

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