Maybe that was what this whole trip was about! I was tired of struggling with everyday life and yet I didn’t feel the strength in me to overpower it. So I took some time off from everything. I switched off my cellphone, stayed away from my e-mail and Facebook accounts and kept my distance from anyone I knew before the trip. I retreated to the desert to gather the courage and determination by thinking about anything that came to my mind, usually the thought being something that was bothering me for some time. I knew running away was a temporary answer and I’d have to go back and fight my fight, otherwise my problems would catch up with me and get me while my guard was down.

It’s easy to get so caught up in routines, habits and standards that you’ll forget you’re doing all of these to feel happiness as the end product. I think everyone should stop at moments in their life, take a step back and re-examine their lifestyle just to be sure their on the right path that leads them to happiness. That’s somehow what I wanted out of this trip and I feel I was successful in this manner. I definitely recommend everyone to try it in whatever way they see fit before they lose the ability and consciousness to change in the rat-race of being alive, instead of actively living.