The salt lake is one of the largest (if not the largest) seasonal lakes. That means when it rains it turns into a gigantic flat mirror and later on, when the rainwater sinks down into the ground, the surface is covered in cracks creating a formation of thousands of similar shapes.

I wasn’t too keen on taking photos of myself, but it was natural when friends tagged along and did it for me!

The fact that I have a camera in this picture does not mean I am a photographer, as I have no claim of the sort. In the presence of masters, I am merely playing around and amusing my visual urges.

But I must say that I am deeply grateful to my friend, Mohammad Mohaghegh, who gave me a crash course on photography before I set off. It was quick and brief, but it gave me the power to capture some self-satisfactory images. The good ones wouldn’t have come through without your help mate!