Without any doubt, one of the best couples I’ve crossed paths with! I met Andrew and Caroline in the very last days I was there but I liked them there and then on the spot. It was nice to hear the mixture of English with the Australian accent from Andrew and the very genuine “English English” from Caroline!

I think Andrew was the person I talked to most while I was there and I’m glad I did. Otherwise I might have never known the warrior he is, living life the way he thinks is right and bravely taking his steps on and up. In the timely sense, he was the third person who gave me a good lesson on how pain can show you that you’re going in the right direction.

I didn’t get to talk with Caroline too much because (frankly) I would offend her because of my constantly “elevated” state!  🙂  But from what I did manage to communicate politely, I saw her to be a worthy partner and competitor for Andrew when it came to not giving in to simply being alive and striving for a life well lived!

I have much respect and good wishes for you two and I’m happy you left when you did. Otherwise there would be no guarantee that you wouldn’t put your adventures on a hold to play a lifetime of backgammon!  😀