What became of my trousers and boots after spending some time in the “real” nature … yep, it can get as harsh as you want it to be!

I lost the trousers to an unexpected dive in the canal. The boots have a more interesting story:

Me and Rohab went to the village of Dadkin, where Rohab stayed to rest and I walked off to do some trekking. I climbed a steep rocky mountain alone using all the strength in my hands, feet and lungs! When I reached the top, I realized my boots were all ripped up. But I was already so high up and the sight was amazing, so I kept going on toe! I reached a place where I sat in solitude and bare and enjoyed the wind, sunset and scenery. When I wanted to go back down, it was pitch black and I had to slide most of the way down with my headlight, which left me with a layer of dirt and trousers that currently have no back pockets!

The walk back to the village was quite scary itself. It was a mixture of my greatest fears: darkness, loneliness and silence. Knowing the place was home to snakes, tarantulas, scorpions and all sorts of “caring” animals, I had to use any lighting I had (headlight, flashlight, cellphone!) to get back. I didn’t have enough energy or clear sight to run, so I had to walk real fast while constantly shining the ligth all around to check for “anything” behind the bushes and around the rocks.

But I think it was very symbolic that I returned back to safety through that ordeal. It seemed as if I had emerged from the heart of all my biggest fears triumphant … I am now Saeed the White, friend to Gandalf the White! (This does not mean you have the right to scare me shitless when I’m alone in the dark! :D)