Me & Gazelle in the salt lake
Ghazal’s TOEFL iBT Scores
Reading (30) Listening (30) Speaking (30) Writing (30) Overall (120)
25 22 20 24  91

My name is Ghazal, however my American friends prefer to call me Gazelle. I really don’t look my age, but I turned 23 this November (2016). I used to study Biomedical Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology, and now I am pursuing my master’s degree at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. I am working as a research assistant in the school, so this makes me become more independent in my life and gain more experience toward my education. Although I am living here alone, I like my field of education and the school.

I took the TOEFL exam twice. I did better on the second try as I had taken some sessions with Saeed. My English was good, but it is necessary to learn some specific skills for the exam. Since my time was limited, I just had a chance to take 8 sessions. We did about 3 sessions for the reading and writing parts, and 5 others for the listening and speaking. My scores improved about 5 points in the second test.

I would strongly recommend Saeed as an awesome teacher and a real best friend. He told me everything I had to know to be victorious in taking my TOEFL exam and also, in my life. He guided me to think differently, and showed me ways to be successful in the test. He helped me not feel shy when I made a mistake and helped me to overcome my weaknesses. I did my best not to make a mistake in this writing, but if I have made any, this is totally not Saeed’s fault!

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Ghazal Hosseini Master's student in Purdue Univeristy, USA July 7, 2017